Another Delta Employee Gets Filmed and This Time Decides to Fight Back

Is this wise? Is anything to do with airlines these days?

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BY Chris Matyszczyk - 11 May 2017

Will this ever end? Probably not.

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Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.


If you happened to film me doing my job, I'm not sure whether you'd like it.

I'm very sure I wouldn't like it.

Yet airlines have now put their employees in the position of being scrutinized by seemingly every cellphone in America.

This is partly because airline employees are told to follow rules or else.

It's also because many of these rules were written by someone who believes manacles represent the highest form of dignity.

This has led to awful incidents, such as a Delta airline employee threatening to put a seated, paying passenger in jail and having his kids put into foster care.

Oh, and another Delta employee is currently accused of slapping a cellphone out of a passenger's hand. A 12-year-old passenger's hand, that is.

Now we have a new video. This time, a passenger appears to have demanded a supervisor to be called to the gate, because he's unhappy at the service offered by the Delta gate agent.

This time, the gate agent fights back. She hams it up, with consummate sarcasm, straight to camera. She explains that she cannot accommodate the passenger's wishes because the flight is full.

She is, though, clearly not happy with the passenger's attitude.

"We asked for a supervisor, ladies and gentlemen and they're on their way," she says to the passenger's cellphone camera. He tries to interrupt her, complaining about her sarcasm.

She, though, prefers to state her case, namely that his family is being accommodated across row 29, but there has to be one of them in 30A, as the flight is full.

We don't know the full ramifications of the story. What we can see, though, is that airline employees are getting tired of passengers whipping out their cellphones and filming their every word and move.

Yes, some passengers are impossible. Sadly, airlines have brought this scrutiny upon themselves by first making planes as uncomfortable as possible and then treating passengers too often like unruly citizens who needed to be subjugated by the militia.

How does this all end? Badly, before perhaps getting slightly better. Perhaps.

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