6 People You Must Have in Your Network to Be Successful

The best entrepreneurs know success has a lot to do with who they surround themselves with.

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BY John Eades - 11 Apr 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Everybody loves an entrepreneurial success story a la Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban and the like.

Truth be told, each one of those people would be the first to tell you they didn't get where they are today without certain types of people in their lives.

There are six types of people every entrepreneur must have in their life to have a chance of achieving success:


1. Booster

The Booster's main purpose is to encourage you when your journey takes an unexpected detour. I wouldn't start another business (or go a day further into your current venture) until you find someone who will encourage you, regardless of the circumstances.

Boosters tend to be spouses, significant others, a close relatives, or an older friend. As hard as is it to build a business, you need as many Boosters as you can get in your life.


2. Juror

A juror in a courtroom passes judgment on a particular case in question after they have all the details. Same idea here. The Juror gives you candid feedback about how you are doing, not only in business but in life.

On a recent episode of the Follow My Lead Podcast, Bob Beaudine called this role a "personal board of directors." So whether you have an actual board of directors or not, it's important you have at least a few Jurors in your personal network.


3. Advisor

The Advisor is the person who you can call or text in moments of need. Good examples would be; making a big organizational decision or a hiring decision.

Often times they have business experience in and around your field. They make time for you and always give you advice.

Sometimes their advice isn't what you want to hear because it counters what you are thinking and that's exactly why they are so important. Keep in mind, their intention is to help you or your business be successful, that's it.


4. Partner

The Partner is the yin to your yang. They have complimentary skills to fill in your weaknesses. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't have to be a 50/50 Co-founder. The Partner is usually an internal person who knows you and the company like the back of their hand.

Because of this, it makes working with them difficult at times, but ultimately the business wouldn't survive without them.


5. Collaborator

Every single entrepreneur must have someone in their life that can be a fly on the wall to listen to ideas, and quickly pass some kind of judgment. That is the Collaborator by definition: Someone who will either help you explore new business ideas, products, campaigns, or anything in between.

The best Collaborators have great imaginations and ideation is reciprocal.


6. Incentivizer

The Incentivizer is someone who doubted you, told you you couldn't do it, or mentioned you weren't good enough. Their words or actions have been burned into your mind and keep you motivated and moving forward to prove them wrong. The most important thing they did for you was incite action.


If you can't quickly identify all six of these people in your life, then you have built a network to help you succeed. If you see gaps, the best part is: You can take action today.