Be Creative. Or Die. Which Option Will You Choose For Your Company?

Does Your Company Encourage Creativity? Probably Not.

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BY Jon Westenberg - 08 Mar 2017

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Here's one thing I'm sure of. Companies that are not creative will die. Companies that do not foster a creative spirit will die. Companies who do not give their employees room to focus on creative projects and ideas will die.

Does that sound a little depressing? Good. It should depress you. Because if you've built a company where your employees don't have access to or motivation to tap into creativity, you've built a company that depresses them every time they sit down at their desks.

Depressed workers are never going to help you do anything worthwhile, that's for certain. They won't innovate. They won't design. They won't do anything more than get a paycheck and tick a box. What do you think happens to you then?

Creativity is what gives people the ability to change, create and make. Stifling it is what destines your company and product for the junk pile.

I spend a large amount of my time every single week working on creative projects that are not billable for my agency. Right now for example, myself and some of my team are working on designing a sneaker every single day for the next year. That's not something we're being paid to do - it's something we're doing to keep the creative fire alive.

We work on short films. We work on comic books. We write scripts. We redesign ads from the 1980's in an on-going challenge to capture the old school voices of brands that we love. None of this has anything to do with client work. But all of it is vital, because all of it contributes to an understanding and passion for creativity that just isn't going to be found in a company that expects employees to stifle their creative genius.

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