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The One Bedtime Routine of Richard Branson That Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Are you guilty of doing this, too?

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BY Tom Popomaronis - 05 Dec 2017

The One Bedtime Routine of Richard Branson That Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Aspiring to become a successful entrepreneur like Richard Branson is a noble endeavor. He's a business tycoon commanding over 11 million individuals and companies follow him on Twitter to learn from his musings on everything from entrepreneurship to adventure seeking and philanthropy. But not everything this media maverick does make good sense if you want to become a highly successful entrepreneur. In fact, one of his nightly habits just might be the worst thing you can do if you want to grow a successful company.

Richard Branson recently documented the nightly habits that have helped him grow his global empire. Savvy entrepreneurs would be well advised to follow his lead in a number of ways, but take should take heed of the one you should not.

Nightly Dinner - Conversation, Culture, and Contemplation

Just as Branson makes a habit of enjoying a nightly dinner focused on conversation, thought leadership, and social/cultural changes, so too should you make the effort to immerse yourself in ideas outside your typical frame of reference. It's easy to succumb to tunnel vision as an entrepreneur. Understanding the importance of outside influences on your entrepreneurial growth can have a significant impact on your business' acceleration rate. Self-reflection is key. Nothing wrong here.

Quiet Time Before Bed

Richard Branson's nightly routine includes reviewing his social media accounts as well as managing his email. While a quick browse of your email inbox might help you to start the next day off fresh, spending time on social media before bed might be the worst thing you could do if you want a restful sleep.

The good

Spending quiet, introspective time before bed is likely to lead to rejuvenating sleep.

The bad

Reading the rantings of others on Twitter or Facebook could very well send you into a fury just before you try to nod off to sleep. If you disagree with that, there's a ton of science proves that using your phone before bed suppresses melatonin, keeps your brain alert (when it shouldn't be), and actually wakes you up, which is obviously the complete opposite of the goal here.

To resist the urge, consider reading a physical book. Apparently, there's a book on Amazon that compiles funny tweets.

Reading/Documentary Watching

After he has finished reviewing social media and checking his email accounts, Richard Branson then makes time for nightly reading or documentary watching. An 11 p.m. bedtime ensures he wakes up rested to greet the next day.

Ending your day reading a philosophical book or watching an informative documentary can help build your intellect, which can help you grow as an entrepreneur and increase your global view of how you approach business. Unsurprisingly, some of the top business leaders and entrepreneurs are avid readers.

Following Richard Branson's lead and getting a full night's sleep allows you to approach each new day full of energy and ambition. Burning the proverbial midnight oil does nothing to grow your company. You'll only wake up exhausted the next day, meaning you're not able to give everything you've got to focus on your company.

Follow Legendary Footsteps (With Caution)

I have all the respect in the world for Sir Richard and what works for him may not work for others. At the end of the day, you need to define (and refine) what you best adapt to. Entrepreneurs can definitely learn by following Sir Richard Branson's example, but they should use caution to not take everything he says and does as a blueprint for career success. Focus on habits that help refill your energy stores and grow your mind, and you'll be surprised at how rapidly you can flourish as an entrepreneur.

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