Secretlab Omega 2018 Review: The Hot Seat

Secretlab gives you a great gaming throne with the new Omega

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BY Rahil Bhagat - 09 Feb 2018

Secretlab Omega 2018 Review: The Hot Seat

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Whether I’m in the office or gaming at home, I spend a lot of my day seated. If your lifestyle is similar to mine, I cannot emphasize enough the difference a good chair makes. While gaming chairs may cost you a hefty sum compared to even the best options at Ikea, let me be the first to tell you that the additional investment is worth it.

Secretlab Omega 2018 Review: The Hot Seat

Gaming chairs have improved in the last couple years and the market is booming. Made for hardcore gamers and streamers who spend obscene hours in front of the computer, they feature the very best in comfort and support.

Like Razer, homegrown brand Secretlab has become a household name with gamers around the world. They now ship to the US, UK, and Australia. They owe their tremendous success to the quality and value of their gaming chairs. In particular, their Omega series has consistently provided top-class features more affordably than competing brands. The 2018 model is no different.

Take a seat, relax, and let me tell you how the Secretlab Omega 2018 stands – or rather sits – up to its rivals


Secretlab Omega 2018 Review: The Hot Seat

The changes from the previous model are evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

With the 2018 Omega, Secretlab has made incremental improvements rather than going for a complete redesign. The firmer cold-cured foam provides greater weight distribution, as it is now composed of a single piece and sits more flush against the rest of the Omega’s frame.

As a plus-sized individual, I’m personally pleased with the wider back rest. The highlight of the posterior support though is the all-new memory foam lumbar pillow. The chair itself fits nicely with a large backrest that is very comfortable.

On the flip side, I have never understood how one ever makes use of the neck cushion Secretlab provides. It’s always stowed too high up the chair. I’m not the shortest guy out there, but you’d have to be a literal giant to use it properly. If you try to lie on it like a regular pillow without the elastic band, it would annoyingly get dislodged as soon as you lean forward or get off the chair. It is no use to average sized human beings where it hangs.

Of great use however are the new armrests. The Omega now comes with more ergonomic arm rests that are wider, rounder, and with superior padding. They can be adjusted in four directions for optimal positioning as with previous releases.

The new Omega features a Class 4 hydraulic piston which improves height adjustment range over the last model. The height control lever is situated in easy reach below the right side of the seat. The lever on the left however toggles the tilt mechanism which allows the chair to rock to your desired sitting position. The rocking tolerance is fine for someone of my size, but it may prove too heavy for smaller folks. Combined with a 165-degree backrest recline, the 2018 Omega is a really good chair to nap in – much to the chagrin of my colleagues.

The chair is solidly built, especially around the base and the wheels. I have used it on stone, wood and carpeted flooring and never once had a wheel seize or get get stuck or anything like that.


Secretlab Omega 2018 Review: The Hot Seat

Only by side by side inspection do the differences between the 2018 Omega and its predecessor become apparent.

Subtle changes to the design have made the new model sleeker and more angular compared to its somewhat curvy older brother. The “wings” for instance have been repositioned a little lower and features gentler angles to create a more streamlined look. More intelligent use of its prime PU leather upholstery has also reduced stitching in some areas.

The chair I’m reviewing came in the “Classic” color option. Even with its black and white leather finish, it does not stand out too much in the office due to its understated design. The same could be said of the Stealth and Ash color schemes.

Should you buy it?

Secretlab Omega 2018 Review: The Hot Seat

Despite improving the Omega in every conceivable way, Secretlab has somehow managed to slash prices even further – especially if you order yours directly from their website.

At SGD 469, I’m willing to bet that you cannot find better value in a gaming chair that could also make itself at home in your office. It’s an outright criminal price for the premium materials and engineering that you get out of the box. Secretlab shows surprising refinement and maturity in the Omega, especially for a relatively young company in the industry.

If you already own an older Omega model however, the marginal upgrades may still not be worth the price of a whole new chair.

Secretlab Omega 2018 Review: The Hot Seat