E-mail Marketing: Dos and Don’ts for Southeast Asian Start-ups

Here’s how to make your company stand out

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 30 Mar 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

With the great number of e-mail marketing tools available for free these days, it’s no surprise this has become the go-to marketing technique of start-ups across various industries. Mailchimp, one of the most popular e-mail marketing platforms, reportedly sends billions of e-mail a day for its users’ campaigns.

With e-mails flooding people’s inboxes everyday, how can your company stand out? Here are four tips to help Southeast Asian start-ups execute excellent e-mail marketing campaigns:


DO personalize

E-mail marketing tools have personalization settings for your campaigns. When you’re sending an e-mail to an audience of thousands in just one blast, there are functions that let you address each recipient, creating a more personal touch.

Segment your e-mail lists into groups that have things in common such as location, e-mail responses, and customer status. This is another way to create more personalized content.


DO keep it short and on point

Keep in mind that your audience has limited time. Be creative and omit unnecessary details. “The e-mails that go above and beyond are personalized and demonstrate interesting points early on,” says Allen Lau, co-founder and CEO of Wattpad, in this Inc. story.

When Lau wrote an e-mail promoting his company’s new service, he shares, “in the first few sentences, I communicated what I needed, provided a clear example of who we were working with, and why our service would be valuable for our mutual contact, then provided some wow-factor by including a bit about my company's growth. The e-mails resulted in real-world conversations with the potential for new business.”


DON’T send without doing a test run

Proofread the text, make sure all the links are working, check if the images are appropriate, and check if all the elements in the e-mail are in the right place. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to convert your e-mail into a sale just because of errors you missed.

Most e-mail marketing platforms let you send a test e-mail first so you won’t end up sending thousands of wrongly formatted e-mail to your mailing list.


DON’T forget to include Call-to-Actions

Every e-mail campaign has to include a call-to-action (CTA). This is usually a button that says “Sign Up Now,” “Buy Now,” or “Learn More.” Without a CTA, you are not likely to get new customers, subscribers, or attendees.

In this blog post by Neil Patel, the digital marketing expert and co-founder of CrazyEgg; Hello Bar; and KISSmetrics, shares that CTAs must look clickable and must be located where it can be easily seen. “Don’t take the power of a call-to-action button for granted. It’s actually the gateway to your sales funnel,” he says.