Always Late? 3 Ways Southeast Asian Start-ups Meet Deadlines

Never be late again with these 3 punctuality primers

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BY Marishka M. Cabrera - 15 Mar 2017

meet deadlines

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Running a start-up is all about meeting deadlines. Decks need to be refined and presented, production quotas need to be reached, and deliverables must be, well, delivered. Teams cannot afford to miss targets, because it can spell the difference between success and disaster.

Here are three ways Southeast Asian leaders can make sure that their team never misses a deadline:


1. Communicate clearly that deadlines are non-negotiable

It is important that each one in the team respects deadlines. Marcel Schwantes, writes in his Inc. article, “Leaders have to take responsibility for making the mistaken assumption that the team fully recognizes their roles and responsibilities around deadlines. This is an easy fix, usually rooted around the need for more, and clearer, communication.”

He recommends communicating unapologetically that deadlines are non-negotiable, citing leadership coach Madeleine Homan-Blanchard. This is to avoid giving team members the false impression that deadlines are “soft ones, and not critically urgent.”


2. Talk to your team members individually

It is easy to fall under the impression that once the meeting ends, everyone on the team is on the same page and knows exactly what they need to do. Though you would like to hit the ground running, take the time to talk to team members individually, find out where the gaps are or if they need more guidance and mentoring. The assignments may have to be broken down into manageable pieces or a step-by-step explanation may be in order.

Being generous with your time pays off the most, according to Anj Vera, founder and CEO of employer branding firm TalentView, in this Inc. Southeast Asia piece, “Take the time to coach others and monitor their performance,” she says.


3. Use digital platforms to stay on top of tasks

Digital platforms not only facilitate communication among team members, they can also help them stay on top of assigned tasks. Web and mobile app Asana, for instance, is designed so tasks can be divided into projects and teams can track the progress of their work.

Marcus Tan, co-founder and president of Singapore-based C2C marketplace Carousell, says their company uses Slack, a cloud-based collaboration tool to stay connected and “be on hand whenever our teams need us.”

"Staying connected with employees, especially those working remotely, can be challenging. As a tech startup, we naturally thought of how we can use technology to bridge the distance,” Tan says. He adds that Google Chromebox helps their meetings run smoothly, and has “drastically cut down on the time we spend testing the call connection."

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